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London Young Counselling

At the heart of children & Young peoples mental health

Healing Hearts, Empowering Minds

A Compassionate Approach to Student Mental Health Improvement.

From Struggle to Strength

Fostering supportive environments for academic and emotional flourishing.

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Empowering Youth, One Session at a Time: Discover the Power of London Young Counselling by getting a service in your school or contacting one of our private Counsellors.

why it's important

Why having a counselling service in your school is important

1 in 5

Many youths face probable mental health conditions, with a significant number continuing these struggles into adulthood.


The onset of symptoms for lifetime mental health problems typically occurs before the age of 14.

1 in 10

Boys aged 5-19 with a mental health condition may face some form of school suspension.

What we do

Dedicated to providing a professional Counselling Service to schools across the UK

What we do

School Counselling Service

LYC provides counselling services to businesses either on site or online, dependant…

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What we do

Paid Counselling Placement

LYC provides counselling services to businesses either on site or online, dependant...

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What we do

Volunteer Counselling Placement

LYC provides counselling services to businesses either on site or online, dependant...

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About Us

London Young Counselling

London Young Counselling (LYC) was established in London providing professional counselling services. Due to the high demand of the service in London, we increased to provide our services nationwide.LYC is now the leading counselling service for schools in the UK and is also supporting many businesses and employees with their mental health programs. We are able to set up on services all year round and offer either qualified or trainee programs.

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The right care when you need it most

work proccess

How it works?



Understand why you want to refer a child or young person



Contact LYC to see how we can support your young people


Work with a specialist

LYC will set up a service in your school and begin sessions with the young people


Excellent results

Proven results will show the crucial sessions we run to support the young people


The leading mental health services for young people

As the leading school counselling service, we prioritise your students well-being above all else. Our expert team is dedicated to providing mental health support tailored to your unique school and students needs.

Our impact


pupils were supported through one-to-one counselling in 2023.


pupils were supported through one-to-one counselling so far.

After one-to-one counselling with LYC


of children with severe difficulties show an improvement in mental health, according to parents.


of pupils whose difficulties impacted their learning in class improved, according to teachers.


of children and young people found it easier to make and keep friends, according to parents and carers.

Expert Members

Staff at London Young Counselling

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Ami Stevens

CEO and Founder


Ann Shepherd

Supervisor and Group Trainer


Charlotte Withey



Diane Stevens

Safeguarding Consultant, Supervisor and Group Trainer


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Take a look at our website to see why some young people may be referred to Counselling.

Countless vulnerable children and families rely on our daily efforts. If you are interested in working with us, there are numerous ways you can offer your support.

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