Dedicated to providing a professional Counselling Service to students in schools across the UK


London Young Counselling is the leading school counselling service, started in London and now serving schools across England.
We provide 1:1 counselling sessions for young people with a counsellor during their school day.

Every day young people face problems with their mental health, by providing sessions in school ​we can ensure our service is ​widely accessible and ​highly confidential for these young people. We work closely with the safeguarding teams in each school to ensure we are providing the best support possible for the young people’s emotional wellbeing.

With our in-school services, we endeavour to build a relationship with ​both staff and students and become a wider part of the pastoral team. Working as part of ​the team allows us to provide the most beneficial support.

To access our service young people are able to refer themselves, as well as parent referrals or school staff referrals. Counsellor’s conduct an assessment in their initial session with each client to ensure this is the best therapeutic route for them and if they are continue counselling sessions, counsellor’s tailor their therapeutic approach to each individual person. If additional support or specialist support is needed, counsellors will discuss this with the safeguarding team to decide the correct next steps.

We pride ourselves on delivering the earliest possible intervention for young people in a safe space with one of our counsellors. Giving young people access to counselling helps them have the tools and ability to a stronger mental health.

We carefully monitor our counselling service and over our years of service to schools, evidence has shown that our works makes a crucial difference to the emotional wellbeing and academic ability of young people.

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