Paid Counselling Placement

Here, at LYC we provide paid counselling jobs for counsellors with experience working with both primary or secondary aged young people.


We recruit all year round to provide paid qualified counselling positions for 1:1 sessions with young people based in primary and secondary schools.


We provide all of our counsellors with resources and consistent support throughout their role in a school with LYC.


How our placements work


    • Counsellors will be placed in a school for the days required.
    • There could be the opportunity to do different days on different sites.
    • The role is based on the school site where you will have an assigned confidential counselling room.
    • The counselling sessions run alongside the timetabled structure of the school day and will run at the same time each week.
    • Days will be to see a minimum of 4 clients.
    • You will work closely with the school safeguarding team.
    • The job may involve over-seeing trainee counsellors based on the school site.


How our recruitment process works


If you are interested in applying for a counsellor job with LYC please make sure:


      • You have a qualification in counselling and provide evidence in your application.
      • Make sure you are able to practice counselling hours with young people.
      • Be able to commit to all academic weeks in the school year.
      • Be able to provide a references from your tutor and/or your supervisor.
      • Be able to arrange your own 1:1 supervision.


Once you have checked the above, please complete an application form and we will be in touch with you to arrange an interview.


If you are successful at interview, we will then proceed to do a reference DBS check.


If you have any other questions about our counselling jobs please get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is supervision included on this job?

Supervision is not provided. You will need to source your own 1:1 supervision and be prepared to share the details of that supervisor with London Young Counselling and the school you are working with.

How many days are available?

This is completely dependant on the schools needs and can vary from 1 day to 5 days. It would be best to speak directly to London Young Counselling about what is available. There could be the potential to work in more than one school.

Is this job for school term time only?

Yes, this job is for school time term only. Counsellors must be able to attend all academic weeks and only take holidays during school holidays.

Do you provide any CPD?

Yes, London Young Counselling provide various CPD workshops throughout the year. These are listed on our website and all counsellors are welcome to join any training for free.

Where in the country are you based, is it just London?

No, we started off in London but now we are based all over the country. Please contact us directly to discuss the locations we have available.