London Young Counselling Private Counselling Sessions.

London Young Counselling offer private 1:1 counselling sessions with a Qualified Counsellor specialised in working with under 28’s. These sessions are held in our Central London office and last 50mins per session.

London Young Counselling Group Therapy Sessions.

London Young Counselling are holding group therapy sessions for under 28’s to come and work through issues with a supportive group. The Group is held in our Central London office for 90 minutes, on a weekly basis.

Although Group Therapy can feel intimidating, it is a hugely beneficial and empowering way to share your story with a supportive group that could be feeling a similar way to you.

London Young Counselling Sibling or Friendship Therapy Sessions.

London Young Counselling hold therapy sessions for sibling groups or friendships groups. These sessions are held in our central London office and are 50mins per session.

All sessions are held by a qualified Counsellor.

Areas worked through in both private and group therapies are;

*Stress and Anxiety
*Grief and Loss
*Family and Home Concerns
*Anger Management
*Work Issues
*Relationship Issues
*Fears and Phobias
*Self Harm
*Confidence and Self Esteem

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in either private or group counselling sessions by using the form below.

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